They Skipped Columbus Day?! What? Thanks, Greh; Hive Mind Tour

You know how Native Americans used to stick wooden spikes horizontally through their chests and then tie them to a large pole and walk around the pole for days until the spikes burst through their skin? Well, a group of people decided last Friday to do that same thing — but to other people — and through these peoples' temples instead of their chests. Greh, known to most as Hive Mind, will lead the troupe with his analog deathstick ready for slaughter. Following close behind will be Charlie Draheim and Moth Drakula, two of the most terrifying chieftains of noise. (Those names really sound like they were made for tribal chiefs.) It will be their job to scalp the victims to expose said temples. And finally, Cadaver in Drag will dance with the corpses, occasionally smashing their skulls a little with sludgy hammers. How is America defending itself for this utterly deserved retaliatory attack? By opening up the basements of our homes and the seedy underground venues which were formerly hidden. (These venues were hidden mainly to keep such music from going mainstream, because, y'know, it could happen. We eat what we like.)

These artists are known for their devastation and they will be playing with equally destructive acts at every stop of their Midwest tour. Of course, I don't expect to draw many new fans to these performances — noise isn't generally a genre you ease into without already knowing a good deal about it — but I hope that previously uninformed readers will attempt to go see these shows, if not for the bands then for their limited release, tour-only, split cassettes and awesome, badass lathes. Good luck, have fun, and don't die.

If you can find these venues, you don't need to be reading this:

10.06.06 – Detroit, MI – Behind the Green Door (NOISY)
10.07.06 – Columbus, OH – Café Bourbon Street (SEX)
10.08.06 – Lexington, KY – Frowny Bear +

10.10.06 – St. Louis, MO – Spooky Action Palace (LOVE)
10.11.06 – Iowa City, IA – Hall Mall ^2
10.12.06 – Madison, WI – Club 770 =
10.13.06 – Chicago, IL – Mr. City (DEATH)
10.14.06 – Kalamazoo, MI – The Red Room (RIGHT?)

(NOISY) w/ Aaron Dilloway
(SEX) w/ Bath House
+ w/ Walter Carson
(LOVE) w/ Worm Hands (yeah!)
^2 w/ Runaway Five
= w/ Ettrick
(DEATH) w/ Noise Nomads and Bloodyminded
(RIGHT?) w/ Evenings

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