Radiohead announces Thom Yorke solo European tour

Radiohead announces Thom Yorke solo European tour

Great news for European Radiohead fans who were feeling left out by the band’s recent North and South American tour date announcements…

Radiohead is going on a European tour!

Unfortunately, Jonny Greenwood, Colin Greenwood, Ed O’Brien, Philip Selway, Clive Deamer, Stanley Donwood, Paul Thomas Anderson, and the talking computer from “Fitter Happier” are all really busy with other things right now. Taking Karate classes, coaching a semi-professional Overwatch team, crafting the perfect peanut butter pie recipe, you know, musician stuff.

So instead, the band is just sending Thom Yorke out to headline some shows in May and June as a SOLO act; where honestly, he’s probably built up such an extensive solo catalog, he won’t even play that much Radiohead material.

Worry not, however, because Yorke will be performing his solo songs as part of a live mix with musical contributions from Nigel Godrich (Radiohead’s Manu Ginóbili) and real-time visuals from artist Tarik Barri (who is effectively now Radiohead’s 2013-14 Boris Diaw).

Check out all of Radiohead’ upcoming Thom Yorke solo tour dates down below. Apologies for the misleading giant text up above. As a consolation, please accept this heartwarming picture of Thom and Nigel, from the moment they finally nailed down Kid A:

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke solo show tour dates:

05.28.18 – Florence, Italy – Teatro Verdi
05.29.18 – Milan, Italy – Fabrique Milano
05.30.18 – Zurich, Switzerland – Halle 622
06.01.18 – Berlin, Germany – Tempodrom
06.03.18 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – 4th Royal Theatre Carré
06.07.18 – Edinburgh, United Kingdom – Usher Hall
06.08.18 – London, United Kingdom – Roundhouse
06.10.18 – Manchester, United Kingdom – Palace Theatre
06.12.18 – Paris, France – L’Olympia
06.13.18 – Lyon, France – Le Transbordeur
06.16.18 – Barcelona, Spain – Sonar Festival

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