Thom Yorke announces Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes concert in Japan

Thom Yorke announces Tomorrow's Modern Boxes concert in Japan

Whoops! This is kind of embarrassing! But… well, turns out that, in keeping up with all the incredible whirlwind hype, nonstop torrents of media attention, crazily overzealous fan hyperbole, and internet-crippling bandwidth demand surrounding last year’s smash hit solo LP Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, Thom Yorke missed one TINY little detail: he TOTALLY forgot to tour the thing! #TotalFacepalm, am I right?!?

But for those fans who have managed to resist killing themselves to alleviate the interminable anguish of waiting for a huge world tour announcement, some good news finally came in on the wire from across the pond this morning. As Pitchfork reports, the flush-faced Yorke is finally making up for that silly little oversight! Only, instead of wasting his precious time touring a zillion cities over a million days like some kind of second-tier, Phil Selway-type “indie rock” act, the illimitable Yorkester has decided to knock out the whole tour in one day by simply playing one set in the biggest and most crowded city on the face of the earth: Tokyo, Japan.

So get your plane tickets, hotel reservations, festival passes, and traveler’s checks ready, readers! On August 15, you’ll finally get your chance to see Thom Yorke play all of your favorite/favourite not-Radiohead songs live at Hostess Club’s all-nighter in Tokyo as part of the city’s larger ongoing Summersonic Festival. Hell yes. And in case you think this is all too good to be true, it ISN’T. How do I know? Because producer Nigel Godrich corroborated the news on Twitter. And Nigel Godrich just doesn’t lie about things relating to Thom Yorke. Why not? Because Thom Yorke is singlehandedly putting Godrich’s kids through college!

Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes Epic World Tour 2015:

08.15.15 - Tokyo, Japan - Hostess Club All-Nighter (Summersonic Festival)

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