Thom Yorke’s new band to release 12-inch single, so I’m pretty sure Radiohead are definitely breaking up

Thom Yorke's new band to release 12-inch single, so I'm pretty sure Radiohead are definitely breaking up


Well, I mean, maybe. Actually, probably not. Actually, almost certainly not. Radiohead aren’t breaking up. But Thom Yorke’s other band, Atoms for Peace, are putting out a single. Clearly, Thom Yorke has no more time for Radiohead, because he is definitely dedicating all his time to putting out this single. So… RADIOHEAD ARE BREAKING UP, ALL THE SIGNS ARE POINTING THAT WAY.

But they’re probably not. Atoms for Peace are absolutely putting out that single, though. The release finds the band remixing their own track “Other Side” on the B-side. Hold up, what’s on the A-side then? Could it be a Radiohead song? No, Radiohead is absolutely no longer a band. Stillwater, Oklahoma’s Other Lives, however, are a band. Since they’re a band and Radiohead probably isn’t a band anymore, it only makes sense for Atoms for Peace to remix Other Lives’ “Tamer Animals” on the A-side. You can hear that remix over at Pitchfork, where you can also read some Radiohead reviews and reminisce about their time as a band.

On August 6, Modeselektor’s Monkeytown label will put out this Atoms for Peace single. If Radiohead were still a band, they’d probably put out a single from them, too. But that cannot be, because Radiohead are not a band. Goodbye, Radiohead.

Fine, Radiohead are still a band.

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