Three Lobed (and cats) release psych comp feat. Sonic Youth, Sun City Girls, Bardo Pond, Wooden Wand, etc.

Three Lobed (and cats) release psych comp feat. Sonic Youth, Sun City Girls, Bardo Pond, Wooden Wand, etc.

Who thought? Who knew? Who even slightly pondered that psychedelic music would be staging the modern comeback that it has? What’s most impressive is the form that psychedelic music has presently taken, in the form of a cross-genre hodgepodge of seemingly unrelated music formats that bear almost no aesthetic similarities other than the mutual embrace of the psych. I remember first delving into psych music in the early 2000s when the mid-to-late-90s psychedelic scene had long ago crested, listening to “The Sounds of Psychedelphia”, filled with anger toward my parents for not popping me out five years earlier. Alas, here we are in 2011, this album is a current Eureka! pick, psych is back hard, and I can finally, after all this time, forgive my parents.

So who better than long-standing purveyor of psych (even when it wasn’t cool) Three Lobed to document this moment in history with a killer comp featuring the top tier of artists representing the ultimate in mindfuck music. Not the Spaces You Know, But Between Them will be released at an indefinite date this summer as a 4xLP box set featuring such prestigious artists as Sun City Girls, Sonic Youth, Comets on Fire, Mouthus, Bardo Pond, D. Charles Speer, Wooden Wand, Steve Gunn, and Eternal Tapestry, with each artist getting a whole side of vinyl to themselves (besides Wooden Wand and D. Charles Speer, who share a side). The set comes with four distinct and separate inner sleeves for each record, an insert bearing some written word from the notorious Marc Masters, a free download card, and the whole thing (minus the Sun City Girls selection) was mastered by Patrick Klem. These things look hella killer and there’s only gonna be 700 of these puppies pressed. Meaning you can roll over to the Three Lobed website and preorder the set, see a more detailed tracklisting, and read about how felines influenced the whole process.

Not the Spaces You Know, But Between Them tracklisting:

A1. Sun City Girls, “Wide World of Animals”
A2. Sun City Girls, “Sangkala”
A3. Sun City Girls, “Caravan”

B1. Steve Gunn, “The Lurker” (extended)

C1. Sonic Youth, “In & Out”
C2. Sonic Youth, “Out & In”

D1. Mouthus, “Cabled Away”
D2. Mouthus, “Echo the Sun”

E1. Comets on Fire, “2950 3rd St.”

F1. D. Charles Speer & The Helix, “Big, Big City”
F2. D. Charles Speer & The Helix, “Shooting Star”
F3. Wooden Wand, “Holed Up (Spooning with the Void)”
F4. Wooden Wand, “Hall of Blame”
F5. Wooden Wand, “Black Nikes”

G1. Eternal Tapestry, “Doing Your Own Being”

H1. Bardo Pond, “The Invisible Fire”

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