Thrill Jockey signs Circuit des Yeux and Dommengang, new albums from both coming in May!

Thrill Jockey signs Circuit des Yeux and Dommengang, new albums from both coming in May!

Based on that headline, you might’ve come in here thinking that this was a new post about autographs, but oh boy, if you thought that, you are dead wrong. You see, “signing” is more than just what I asked Frankie Muniz to do to my left calf when I met him one time at an Applebee’s in Encinitas. In point of fact, it’s also a technical term often used in the record industry to describe what a record label does to an artist. Sorry for the inside baseball, but I wanted to make sure I was as precise as possible as I described the fact that both Chicago’s Circuit des Yeux (a.k.a. Haley Fohr) and New York’s Dommengang have entered into a music-based business agreement with the popular and very cool record label Thrill Jockey.

As a result of this music-based business agreement, both Circuit des Yeux and Dommengang have albums (which is the industry term for a collection of songs to be played among friends at a party or similar social gathering) coming out from the label this May. “Didn’t Circuit des Yeux release an album entitled Overdue back in 2013? Whatever happened to that law about artists only being allowed to release one album in their lifetimes?” That law is not a thing and I’m honestly not sure where you would’ve even gotten that impression. But anyway, Dommengang’s album is a debut, though, so there’s that. Though the group doesn’t appear to have any music online right now (their empty Bandcamp is here), the trio, who all have deep roots in the Portland psych scene, got on Thrill Jockey’s radar when last year they acted as backing band for Emil Amos’ Holy Sons project, and they reportedly wear adjectives like “fuzzy,” “psychedelic,” and “boogie-inducing” like sweatshirts on a cold, analogy-less November morning.

Details about both albums are pretty scant right now, so pretend like your eyes are that film about music news sections you’ve always wanted to make and that you are a young filmmaker filled with grand ideas and direct your gaze toward this area of Tiny Mix Tapes for updates as they arise.

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