Is my gristle throbbing, or is the entire Throbbing Gristle catalog getting reissued?

Is my gristle throbbing, or is the entire Throbbing Gristle catalog getting reissued?

Cartilage in your knee just start pulsating? Don’t worry, rain is not about to start pouring down (I know that would put a real wrench in your plans for the day). Nope, that gentle bodily quiver is the universal sign that there’s some exciting Throbbing Gristle news coming your way!

With the 40th anniversary of the pioneering band’s first album The Second Annual Report approaching, the fine folks over at Mute Records – having earlier this year already brought TG’s catalog to streaming services for the first time – have announced…an extensive Throbbing Gristle reissue series.

How extensive? Starting November 3 (one day shy of The Second Annual Report’s actual anniversary) Mute will begin reissuing the entire Throbbing Gristle catalog — in gristly chunks, of course — over the course of several months. Up first is the twice aforementioned The Second Annual Report, accompanied by 20 Jazz Funk Greats and — on vinyl for the first-time ever with an updated tracklisting — The Taste of TG: A Beginner’s Guide to Throbbing Gristle. Those will be available on limited edition white vinyl, green vinyl, and red vinyl, respectively. If you’re a grandpa still stuck in 1995, good news: the reissues will also be available on “double CD.”

Learn more about the reissue series and planned future releases (all of which will presumably also come on fun, collectible, colorful vinyl) by clicking here. If you’re already so in for all of this, you can pre-order the first three albums in the series here. And, while you patiently wait for the day when your Throbbing Gristle collection will finally be complete, listen to “United,” off of The Taste of TG down below…Wait a minute…first album? Second annual report!? I JUST got that! Ugh. What a bunch of jokers!

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