Thurston Moore is taking the band he named after himself on tour this summer

Thurston Moore is taking the band he named after himself on tour this summer

After years of accidentally ending up in bands not named after himself, Thurston Moore has finally gotten all his ducks in a row and put together a band named after himself, viz., The Thurston Moore Band. I mean, it seems like it shouldn’t have been that hard? Like, just do it? But then again, my mother has always told me that I’m very unique, so perhaps this naming feat that seems so easy to me was quite a challenge for Mr. Moore. And, of course, I should not minimize the challenge that bands all around the world face every day in naming themselves, nor should I ignore the clear privilege I am afforded as a young adult music writer sitting at a desk eating soup with a Skype call open to his mother so she can compliment me every few minutes. It’s not rocket science, though.

But enough about how much of the information I included in the previous paragraph is actually true: The Thurston Moore Band is going on tour in support of last year’s The Best Day. They’ll start in Europe before playing a series of North American dates in July and August.

The Thurston Moore Band consists of James Sedwards on guitar, Deb Googe on bass, and Steve Shelley on drums. Oh and also Thurston Moore. I think he plays kazoo.


05.02.2015 - Leeds, UK - Live at Leeds
05.03.2015 - Glasgow, Scotland - Live at Glasgow
05.09.2015 - Bedford, UK - Esquires
05.10.2015 - Oxford, UK - O2 Academy
05.14.2015 - Brighton, UK - The Great Escape
05.15.2015 - London, UK - Oslo
05.16.2015 - London, UK - Oslo
05.18.2015 - Exeter, UK - Phoenix
05.19.2015 - Birmingham, UK - Hare & Hounds
05.20.2015 - Newcastle, UK - Cluny
05.22.2015 - Hebden Bridge, UK - Trades Club
05.23.2015 - Liverpool, UK - Liverpool Sound City
05.28.2015 - Barcelona, Spain - Primavera Sound
05.30.2015 - Dudingen, Switzerland - Bad Bonn Kilbi
06.01.2015 - Ljubljana, Slovenia - Kino Siska
06.02.2015 - Zagreb, Croatia - Mochvara
06.03.2015 - Budapest, Hungary - A38 Ship
06.04.2015 - Vienna, Austria - Arena
06.06.2015 - Porto, Portugal - Primavera Sound
07.03.2015 - Gdynia, Poland - Open’er Festival
07.12.2015 - Bruges, Belgium - Cactus Festival
07.18.2015 - Suffolk, UK - Latitude
07.31.2015-08.02.2015 - Montreal, QC - Osheaga Music & Arts Festival
08.01.2015 - Burlington, VT - Arts Riot
08.02.2015 - Boston, MA - The Sinclair
08.05.2015 - Philadelphia, PA - Union Transfer
08.06.2015 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom
08.07.2015 - Washington, DC - Black Cat

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