Thurston Moore curates half a month at John Zorn’s NY venue The Stone

Thurston Moore curates half a month at John Zorn's NY venue The Stone

John Zorn’s East Village venue The Stone has always catered to some of the most experimental, most forward-thinking modern-day music makers. By selecting The Stone’s curators in a sort of bi-monthly rotation, the nightly musical lineup is kept in a constant state of flux and change. That status is being firmly reinforced not only by the fact that Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed will be the space’s curators for February, but also because good ol’ Thurston Moore (need I introduce him?) will act as house curator for the second half of April.

Through April 16-30, Moore is going to be putting the same prowess in musical taste that has made Ecstatic Peace! such a bearer of musical light towards selecting a fitting lineup for The Stone. With already announced acts such a Fursaxa, Samara Lubelski & Marcia Basset duo, Elisa Ambrogio, U.S. Girls, Talk Normal, and many more, it’s already set to be a killer month. Click here for the full lineup.

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