Thurston Moore fronts new band Chelsea Light Moving with Samara Lubelski, probably makes great experimental banana bread

Thurston Moore fronts new band Chelsea Light Moving with Samara Lubelski, probably makes great experimental banana bread

Hey, y’all! Paula Deen here! Just futzin’ around on my nephew Nobodaddy’s computer, ‘cause he left it here by mistake last weekend after a couple’a wild days of pheasant huntin’ with my boys Jaime and Bobby and never turned the power off! Doesn’t that beat all? Anyway, he was workin’ on this little news article here about a fella outta New York City who calls himself “Thurston Moore” and some new rock group that he’s startin’ called Chelsea Light Movin[g]’ (Chelsea… that’s a pretty name, y’all, isn’t it?); and, well, I said to myself, “Paula, you can stuff a chicken into a duck into a turkey and fry the whole shebang in a clawfoot bathtub full ‘a pig sweat n’ obesity tears, so you can darntootin’ write a li’l article for some sweet li’l website that sells cassettes and replica watches!”

So, here I go, y’all.

Thurston Moore (I just looked up a photo’a him on google, and he is adorable, y’all), who’s best known for frontin’ a band called Sonic Youth with co-founder, bandmate, n’ wife Kim Gordon (strange how they don’t have the same last name, in’t, y’all? New Yorkers!) is currently supplyin’ lead vocals n’ guitar for a new project called Chelsea Light Movin[g]’ with some regular collaborators ‘a his — Keith Wood on another guitar (goodness, they need two of ‘em!), Samara Lubelski on a bass a’ some kind, n’ John Moloney on the skins, y’all. Accordin’ to this other adorable li’l website called FACT , the new group is already more active ‘n a greased stick ‘a butter on roller skates. They’ve got a handful ‘a shows comin’ up and are currently workin’ on a debut album for… get this: some guy who’s a matador, y’all! Northerners sure are whacky, ain’t they? Anyway, here’s the debut song, or “track,” or whatever kids are are call ‘em, if I can “embed” the thing below. It’s called “Burroughs,” and it’s about this frail darlin’ of a man who wrote some wild stories n’ painted with a shot gun n’ accidentally shot his wife n’ things like that! Isn’t that just a trip, y’all? Oh well. That’s all the news that’s fit to tell, I guess, so that’s it. I’m Paula Deen, y’all, sending you love and best dishes! From my family, ta’ yours.

Chelsea Light Moving:

06.22.12 - Calgary, AB - Sled Island
06.24.12 - Missoula, MT - The Top Hat
06.27.12 - Boulder, CO - Boulder Theater
06.29.12 - Denver, CO - Larimer Lounge

• Chelsea Light Moving:
• Matador:

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