Tidal announces $1.5 million donation to civil rights organizations

Tidal announces $1.5 million donation to civil rights organizations

Back in late 2014, when Tidal opened its hi-fidelity digital doors, we questioned the worth of such a service while other more jaded segments of the music journalism sphere also questioned the moral turpitude of some of the world’s most highly paid musicians crying poor as they launched another capital building venture (not us though).

Flash forward to now, and in addition to getting an exclusive head start on the new Rihanna album, Tidal has recently announced its first major philanthropic move by pledging $1.5 million to go to a variety of different charities, including Black Lives Matter.

As Mic points out, the revenue was raised by the Tidal 10/20 concert that went down last year in the form of a Jay Z, Minaj, Beyoncé, Usher et al. love fest. In addition to Black Lives Matter, donations will be going to a number of grassroots civil rights movements administered by New World Foundation.

More proof of Tidal’s commitment to corporate social responsibility can be found at their current Social Wave for Change promotion, which gives you the chance to have Lil Wayne perform at your school by demonstrating via social media charitable works you’ve completed.

Tidal has not yet announced when and where they will be serving up humble pie to the early naysayers. Watch this space.

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