Tierra Whack just dropped a new song that’s more than 60 seconds long :~)

Tierra Whack just dropped a new song that's more than 60 seconds long :~)

Tierra Whack has just released a track called “Only Child,” her first new song since the release of Whack World, which made it onto our list of favorite releases from last year. “Only Child” may throw an accusation at someone now and then for being “stingeyyYYyyyYYY,” but on it, the Baltimore rapper is anything but. For her, at least. Clocking in at four minutes, the track is — wait, let me think… Oh yeah, exactly four times longer than any single track off of Whack World. So, I guess, if you wanted, you could kind of call this a Tierra Whack EP. Right?

Check out the song below. It is (of course) accompanied by a video animation made by Poormarty (@poormarty) using art by ZACH (@brotherzachary). It also is available via all streaming services. I mean, come on: Tierra Whack is a kind of media mogul, after all.

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