Tim Buckley’s debut will be reissued on Rhino, just in time for the holidays!

Tim Buckley's debut will be reissued on Rhino, just in time for the holidays!

Are you still in need of a gift idea for your Bon Iver-loving sensitive cousin who has since rejected Justin Vernon after he became BFFs with Kanye? Well, consider yourself lucky, because Tim Buckley’s self-titled debut album is being reissued by Rhino Records, which will give you an excuse to educate your cousin on some of the finer things in life. The reissue of Tim Buckley will feature both stereo and mono versions of the album in a two-disc deluxe set, in addition to unreleased demos and acoustic versions. The album is available for preorder right here starting December 15 and will ship on January 11.

Tim Buckley tracklisting:

Disc 1:

01. I Can’t See You
02. Wings
03. Song of the Magician
04. Strange Street Affair Under Blue
05. Valentine Melody
06. Aren’t You the Girl
07. Song Slowly Song
08. It Happens Every Time
09. Song for Jainie
10. Grief in My Soul
11. She Is
12. Understand Your Man

Disc 2 (The Bohemians Demos):

01. Put You Down
02. It Happens Every Time
03. Let Me Love You
04. I’ve Played That Game Before
05. She Is
06. Here I Am
07. Don’t Look Back
08. Call Me If You Do
09. You Today
10. No More
11. Won’t You Please Be My Woman
12. Come On Over

(Acoustic Demos):

13. She Is
14. Aren’t You the Girl
15. Found at the Scene of a Rendezvous That Failed
16. Wings
17. My Love Is for You
18. Song Slowly Song
19. Song Introductions by Larry Beckett
20. I Can’t See You
21. Birth Day
22. Long Tide

• Tim Buckley: http://www.timbuckley.com
• Rhino Records: http://www.rhino.com

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