Wolf Eyes donate Bandcamp revenue to charities following US election

Wolf Eyes donate Bandcamp revenue to charities following US election

Are you upset about the recent results of the American presidential election? It helps alleviate the possible fear in your heart knowing that you aren’t alone, and this Earth is clearly filled with utterly awesome people of various stripes and backgrounds. Certainly Nate Young and the other members of Wolf Eyes adhere to a non-oppressive worldview, and as such Young posted an announcement to Facebook yesterday revealing various actions in support of the ultimate cause.

First, check out the “blacked out” state of the Wolf Eyes website. Second, notice that every release available via the Wolf Eyes Bandcamp is currently “pay what you want.” In the Facebook post, Young clarifies that any money voluntarily transferred through the purchase of these releases will be donated to a “number of charities” benefiting “sisters, people of color, LGBTQ, the disabled, the poor, and all our freaks out there experiencing systemic oppression under the white straight male order.”

The releases were announced to be “pay as you want” for 24 hours. Since the announcement was made yesterday afternoon, you’re running out of time if you want noise in exchange for charity. Visit Wolf Eyes’ Bandcamp.

Let’s not knock pure altruism, though. You can of course still donate to charity after the fact.

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