Titus Andronicus name their spring tour the Bring Back the Dudes tour; I don’t even need a funny headline now, thanks

Titus Andronicus name their spring tour the Bring Back the Dudes tour; I don't even need a funny headline now, thanks

It’s a real problem (note: it isn’t) affecting America today. Entire bars, bowling alleys, and Guitar Center franchises are empty. The dudes have gone. They’re disappearing faster than those honey bees that are “mysteriously” dying off because humans can’t take care of the Earth and shit. Dudes. Where have you gone, Dudes? The rallying cry sounds out across these United States.

But hold your heads up, purveyors of PBR and loose-fitting jeans! New Jersey-bred garage punks Titus Andronicus have a new album out on XL Recordings, called Local Business (TMT Review). And to rep that album, they’re embarking with their friends The So So Glos on a long and sweaty US tour, which they have dubbed the Bring Back the Dudes Tour. Bring ‘em back! If there’s anything America needs in her hour of strife, it’s DUDES. And of course, limited-edition Record Store Day 12-inch EPs, which the dudes in Titus Andronicus have been kind enough to put together. Aptly titled Record Store Day, the band’s offering will include one track from Local Business (“Still Life with Hot Deuce and Silver Platter”), plus two previously unreleased songs “(I’ve Got A) Date Tonight” and “The Dog.” ‘Merica thanks you, Titus Andronicus. In Dudes We Trust.


04.28.13 - Hamden, CT - The Space
04.29.13 - Cambridge, MA - Middle East Downstairs
04.30.13 - Montreal, QC - Lambi
05.01.13 - Ottawa, ON - Mavericks
05.02.13 - Toronto, ON - Lee’s Palace
05.03.13 - Detroit, MI - Magic Stick
05.04.13 - Chicago, IL - The Metro
05.05.13 - St. Louis, MO - Off Broadway
05.08.13 - Dallas, TX - Three Links
05.09.13 - Austin, TX - Mohawk
05.10.13 - Houston, TX - Walter’s
05.11.13 - New Orleans, LA - Siberia
05.13.13 - Nashville, TN - Stone Fox
05.14.13 - Atlanta, GA - The Earl
05.15.13 - Athens, GA - Georgia Theater Rooftop
05.16.13 - Charlotte, NC - Milestone
05.17.13 - Carrboro, NC - Motorco
05.18.13 - Richmond, VA - Strange Matter
05.19.13 - Washington, DC - Black Cat

• Titus Andronicus: http://www.titusandronicus.net
• XL: http://www.xlrecordings.com

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