TMT Makes Negativland A Shiny New Press Release Using Words From The Lengthy (Kinda Boring) Original; Everyone Learns An Important Lesson

Negativland, also known as the real brain of John Legend, announces a shit-stirring DVD release -- Our Favorite Things -- and a reissue of its brutally sticky 1983 Christian masterpiece, A Big 10-8 Place. ((subliminal)) It isn't just parody and satire -- it’s a consumer Gospel (complete with The 180 Gs’ doo-doo). The collective also intends to target “ten-thousand-million-billion” anti-corporate activists with gross advertising.

“Please, more unforgettable package...” - Wired

“Charming only to the hard European ((targets)) in of the trunk of their car.” – The New York Times

“Affecting like your high school science teacher’s Twisted Boy Cage... only lots more.” – RollingStone

Fans will be going Adbusters for sure.

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