TMT Mega-Giveaway at Enon Shows Across U.S.!!!

In honor of Enon’s upcoming U.S. tour, TMT is proud to announce our first official “TMT Mega-Giveaway” in several years. TMT M-Gs used to be fairly common, but since our last Mega-Giveaway concert didn’t go so well, we were forced to cut back.

Well, readers, it’s been too long. It’s once again that time. I’m sure you all remember how these work, but let me refresh your memory:

Step 1: Go to one of the Enon shows listed below.

Step 2: Drink heavily, both prior to and during the show.

That’s it! Only two steps! After that, send photographic evidence of yourself successfully completing the aforementioned steps to TMT headquarters, and you could be eligible to win one of several prizes -- the grand prize being a year’s subscription to TMT, absolutely free of charge. Don’t miss out on this, the deal Rupert Murdoch once called “the Reaganomics of music website giveaways!”

TMT eagerly awaits your entries:

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