TMT Poetry Corner: 90% of Amazon MP3 Store Users Have Never Purchased Music From iTunes

Amazon's MP3 Store is Growing at an Alarming Rate

Will Amazon Seal Apple's Fate?
90% of Amazon MP3 Customers Never Used the iTunes Music Store

Thats Impressive, Considering this Nation Is an iPod Whore

NPD Group are to Credit For This Study

Such An Incredible Indication That Steve Jobs is Not Everyone's Buddy

Amazon is Second and iTunes Is Still Number One

With Such Competition, Everyone Can Have Fun

Such Good News

No More Record Industry Blues

Oh No, What's This?

Here Are Some Details We Can't Dismiss:

Digital Purchases Are Up, But Piracy Is Still on the Rise

DRM is Dead and The RIAA Tells Us More Lies

What Will Happen in the End?

Will The Pirates or The RIAA Ever Bend?

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