Tom Waits gloats that you’ll never be as badass as him on upcoming LP Bad As Me (you have no other option but to agree)

Tom Waits gloats that you'll never be as badass as him on upcoming LP Bad As Me (you have no other option but to agree)

Still nursing the phlegm ball that was the key to his success (on a healthy diet of whiskey, of course), Tom Waits will be continuing his streak of producing demented Americana on his (just announced) upcoming LP Bad As Me. The album is due out October 25 on Anti- Records in both regular and deluxe editions, and the title track off the album has been made available for download on iTunes (along with the option to pre-order the album).

So far, the regular edition of the LP will contain 13 tracks, with the deluxe edition featuring an extra three songs, a set of 10 rusted tuning forks (adjusted to the tone of Wait’s voice, covering a complete octave of guttural rumblings), the Bad As Me, manual featuring a set of essays by Kathleen Brennan scribbled on bar napkins, and all this will be packaged lavishly in the hood of a rusted-out 1940s Ford Lincoln and sold for the price of a scant $2,000 USD.

Oh, no wait. The deluxe edition will just feature the three extra songs.

Bad As Me tracklisting:

01. Chicago
02. Raised Right Men
03. Talking at the Same Time
04. Get Lost
05. Face to the Highway
06. Pay Me
07. Back in the Crowd
08. Bad as Me
09. Kiss Me
10. Satisfied
11. Last Leaf
12. Hell Broke Luce
13. New Year’s Eve
14. She Stole the Blush *
15. Tell Me *
16. After You Die *

* deluxe edition

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