Tor Lundvall premieres new track “Quiet Room” from upcoming vocal album, A Dark Place, on Dais Records.

Tor Lundvall premieres new track "Quiet Room" from upcoming vocal album, A Dark Place, on Dais Records.
Photo: Tor Lundvall

“I felt that I had said just about everything I wanted to say…”
– Tor Lundvall, ca. 2005

A lot can be lost in twelve years. But I guess a lot can be found too.

Either way, Tor Lundvall, the Jersey-born painter and dark ambient composer known for his haunting imagery and romantic soundscapes, has literally found his voice again: he’s just announced that he’ll be releasing his first NON-instrumental album since 2009’s (recorded in 2005) Sleeping and Hiding, the ominously-titled A Dark Place.

Dark as its ambient textures may be, though, it turns out the process behind Lundvall’s new collection wasn’t quite so foreboding after all: “I recorded this album at night while I stared out from my bedroom window into the shadows of the garden and the neighbor’s house next door. The reflections of the flower lights encircling my bedroom window looked like distant, golden constellations through the glass while I worked. A nice memory.”

Either way, now that over 12 years have passed, you don’t have to wait one second longer: TMT is excited to announce the premiere of the first single from A Dark Place, “Quiet Room.” It’s an ethereal wave of wind and solace. Check it out down below right now, and pre-order the entire album on LP and digital from Dais Records right here before its release on February 23. No time like the present.

A Dark Place tracklisting:

01. Quiet Room
02.Haunted By The Sky
03. The Moment
04. The Invisible Man
05. Negative Moon
06. The Void
07. A Dark Place
08. The Next World

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