Torn Hawk returns with new album, now irony-free and with added romanticism

Torn Hawk returns with new album, now irony-free and with added romanticism

Torn Hawk (a.k.a. Luke Wyatt) has a demonstrable affinity with the early-90s aesthetic, and with his move from America to Berlin, he’s drawn inspiration from the 1800s Romantics as well as the late-80s and early-90s New Romantics of the 20th century to create his forthcoming third album, Union and Return

The album will be released May 13 via Mexican Summer, who promises the album is loaded with tracks that “supply a full-bore tenderness that can be uncomfortable, especially for those projecting a policed gruff or ‘masculine’ image,” where Wyatt “parts the gauze that shrouded his former work to reveal a lush and ornate set of compositions - elegantly orchestrated, awash in unguarded emotion, and unspoiled by irony.”

If that’s not enough to paint a mental image of what to expect, you can sample the lead single “Feeling is Law” below.

Union and Return tracklist:

01. The Romantic
02. Feeling is Law
03. Borderlands
04. With My Back To The Tower
05. Thornfield
06. Friends & Family
07. Scene on a Staircase
08. Our Knives
09. The Archers
10. To Miss The Mark
11. Die Swimming in the Sea Here

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