Tri Angle to reissue Compton White’s debut EP on white vinyl, featuring a new remix

Tri Angle to reissue Compton White's debut EP on white vinyl, featuring a new remix
Straight outta...the Isle of Wight.

Similar to the literal path beaten by Compton White (a.k.a. Lloyd Whittle) a consequence of his family’s seasonal business, which reportedly put him in a “state of constant migration between the Isle of Wight (the island) and urban London (the mainland),” the burgeoning 21-year old producer is traversing the paths of some microscopic paths in the white vinyl of his upcoming EP reissue.

Compton White’s self-titled debut EP originally came out last year courtesy of the humble SWEETBOY Records, and while a few media outlets picked up on the mix of styles that was on aural display, Tri Angle Records apparently saw fit at some point over the last year to give the release additional distributive treatment. It might’ve been the moody, electronic tone that more or less aligns with previous shape releases. Let’s not diminish Compton White’s complexity, though.

First of all, the release was composed as an explicit reflection of the geographic and cultural dichotomy that Whittle experienced growing up, so the album tends to veer both towards and away from a strict urban sonic vibe. And speaking of geography, Whittle’s own background supposedly bears some relation to a “generation of Romany showmen aka ‘Sand Scratchers’ who settled on the coasts of Great Britain one hundred years ago.” So…consider that an explanation for both the mix-and-match style of the album and for Whittle’s compulsion to create it in the first place? (Although, is “Compton White” an illustrious enough moniker for a Romany showmen descendant?)

Anyway, ahead of the white vinyl release on October 20, the revised and updated Compton White will also be coming out digitally on September 15. Here’s the opening track, uh, “Track 2”:

Compton White tracklisting:

01. Track 2
02. Intro
03. Hounslow
04. Double Diamond
05. Van
06. Mainland
07. Mainland (Jean Michel Blais Remix)

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