Detroit’s Trip Metal Fest II to take place this month, featuring Elysia Crampton, Wolf Eyes, DJ Earl, and more

Detroit's Trip Metal Fest II to take place this month, featuring Elysia Crampton, Wolf Eyes, DJ Earl, and more
Just when you thought it was safe to conceive of "trip metal" un-ironically...

Memes have a tendency to rise and fall in capricious ways. So, just as Wolf Eyes member John Olson probably coined term “trip metal” without a particular desire to flesh out its definition — let alone an intention to see the term become synonymous with all-things Wolf Eyes-related — it’s just as easy to imagine the term falling back into obscurity at some point in the future and quite possibly confusing the heck out of the next generation of know-it-all music-obsessives.

Case in point: fellow Wolf-Eye Nate Young apparently made clear to the New York Times last year that he “had no plans” to continue Trip Metal Fest (under that name) beyond its inaugural 2016 edition. But lo and behold: Trip Metal Fest II set to take place in Detroit, Michigan just a few short weeks from now, ensuring the survival of this deliberately ambiguous concept for at least another solid month or so.

The still glistening-due-to-its-newness venue in Mexicantown, El Club, is once again hosting the shows, which will take place May 26 and May 27. And leading this year’s two-day lesson à la Olivia Newton John? None other than Wolf Eyes, of course — along with the experimental-minded likes of Pharmakon, Container, Elysia Crampton, Aaron Dilloway, Body/Head (Kim Gordon & Bill Nace), and DJ Earl, in addition to local acts like Bailey Scieszka and Princess Dragonmom. Peep that poster again for the full line-up.

Those who live around the Detroit area might be more inclined to get their trip metals-on…but then again, those who don’t live local might be inclined to attend too, because FREE cardio for your ear crevices is inarguably a killer deal. That’s right: you can go here to PAY WHAT YOU WANT for tickets and/or passes. (I’d probably feel guilty not donating, though. Especially to a cute, potentially-ailing meme like little old “trip metal.” Wouldn’t you?)

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