Trupa Trupa sign with Sub Pop, release “Dream About” video; Bryce Harper still a free agent

Trupa Trupa sign with Sub Pop, release "Dream About" video; Bryce Harper still a free agent
Photo: Michal Szlaga

Obviously, we’re all waiting around here for Bryce Harper to sign (WITH THE PHILLIES), but as the interminable crawl of Major League Baseball’s offseason finally begins to show some life with actual games being played, I’m happy to report some news that you may find even more interesting than one of the game’s premiere bats latching on to my favorite team. More interesting because, first, this piece of information is music-related (and this is after all a music-related internet publication). Second, because this news posting involves an actual signing — with actual pen and actual paper — a true contract that should only prove beneficial for both parties involved.

That’s right: your favorite Polish rabble rousers Trupa Trupa have made the deal of a lifetime by hitching their wagon to indie stalwart Sub Pop!

We’ve had a dalliance with the Trupa boys dating back to 2015 when Strauss wrote a little Cerberus (RIP) piece about Blue Seventeen: Headache, released on Blue Tapes. C Monster subsequently huffed the Trupa glue in 2017 as he previewed Jolly New Songs (also on Blue Tapes), and then it was my turn — finally — to write even MORE about Jolly New Songs. So to see them get that sweet, sweet Sub Pop exposure (and probably plenty of Sub Pop cash, which is like US currency but only good at the Sub Pop online shop) is like watching a child go off to college, realizing that bigger and better things are in store for them.

(NOTE: To be clear, we at TMT take no responsibility whatsoever here. In fact, we have barely anything to do with anything at all.)

But hey, we can still celebrate this historic (for Trupa Trupa, certainly) signing with a new video!

“Dream About” (below) is the first from the band under the Sub Pop umbrella, and it’s a harbinger of the band “[releasing] new music in 2019.” The Super 8 video was directed by Blue Tapes alum (and friggin’ sweet composer in his own right) Benjamin Finger. The band itself is hitting the road, making stops at SXSW (treat these boys right, Texas!) before heading back to their native Poland for a couple more stops. At all of these events, Trupa Trupa will 100% “murder rock ‘n’ roll and unceremoniously dump its corpse in the Gdańsk Bay,” if I may so cheekily quote myself.

Now it’s your turn, Bryce, with the contract and the ink and paper and stuff.

Tour dates:

03.14.19 - Austin, TX - SXSW / Hotel Vegas / LEVITATION SXSW presented by CREEM Magazine (12:20 am)
03.15.19 - Austin, TX - SXSW / Austin Convention Center / Flatstock Stage (3:30 pm)
03.16.19 - Austin, TX - SXSW / Venue TBC
04.25.19 - Gdańsk, PL - Ziemia
04.26.19 - Poznań, PL - Spring Break Festival
04.27.19 - Bratislava, SK - Sharpe Festival

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