Tsembla denies rumors of a cold, readies Nouskaa Henget LP on Matt Mondanile’s New Images label

Tsembla denies rumors of a cold, readies Nouskaa Henget LP on Matt Mondanile's New Images label

What, you didn’t think that the laid-back musical evocations of his Ducktails moniker were an indication of some deeper and actual tendency toward being a lazy bastard, did you? Putting aside the ease with which artists seem to be setting up labels these days, Matthew Mondanile’s New Images imprint, two years on, already has some wonderful releases added to its New Jersey-based namesake. Of particular note, Madalyn Merkey’s Scent (TMT Review) enters your cognition not through your earholes, but fittingly through your nostrils, making your nose hairs waft in unison to the minimal oscillations. Yes… dance you little nose hairs, just like you were a true component of the inner ear. Ooh, it tickles!

Moseying in lock-step to the generally innocuous vibe of label, and expanding upon the Nordic acquaintance that beckoned its premiere, Swedish-Finnish artist Tsembla a.k.a. Marja Johansson will be releasing Nouskaa Henget on June 24. “Nouskaa henget” apparently means “Spirits, rise” in English, and what an appropriate title it is, because after sampling her work via SoundCloud, the inclination is to venture into the forest on a sunny afternoon, gather all the woodland creatures you can find, and summon some sort of deity for a playful rendezvous on the clouds — hippie attire advised. Warped electronics and abstract melodies assist in creating a tone of fantastic contentedness. What concerns, I say? Listen to a track below.

• Tsembla: https://www.facebook.com/tsembla
• New Images Ltd.: http://newimageslimited.com

[Photo: Pauli Laasonen]

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