TSVI beckons us to his Inner Worlds on new album, invites us to “Whirl”

TSVI beckons us to his Inner Worlds on new album, invites us to "Whirl"

TSVI and Wallwork founded London’s Nervous Horizon in 2015. Its records are rooted in UK club but come with a decidedly global bent, with releases from artists like South African Da Soul Boyz and the Dutch DJ Missdevana.

Now, after a number of singles and tracks on album compilations like the excellent Nervous Horizon Vol. 2, TSVI has announced his proper debut solo album Inner Worlds. On the surface, nothing drastic separates the production on lead single “Whirl” from the fare on Da Soul Boyz’ (Boyzs’? Boyz’s?) Welcome to Durban EP, released on Nervous Horizon less than two months ago. You’ve still got your percussive club beats, your dancehall grime, your ominous pads in the background. Yet “Whirl” hits on an almost frighteningly visceral new level, aided by some booming new production tricks and some particularly effective spoken vocals.

TSVI grew up in Italy with Hindu parents and has recently begun to explore Sufism with his partner. Of late, he has looked to belly-dancing percussionists for inspiration. He says all of this is there in “Whirl,” and it’s true. “Whirl” feels like the slow, mindful build to the sunrise, amplifying an eternal rhythm that might always there if we just looked for it.

Pre-order Inner Worlds, out November 9, here.

Inner Worlds tracklisting:

01. Root
02. Whirl
03. Jinn
04. Mesmerize
05. Realm of Jabarut
06. Neutrino
07. Safi (feat. Miragal)
08. Hossam
09. Inner Worlds
10. Prana Riddim (Part 1)
11. Prana Riddim (Part 2)
12. The Cobra’s Dance (feat. Luru)
13. Crown (feat. WWWINGS)

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