TV On the Radio Tour the U.S.; Ironically Ignore the Prudes Up in Cookie Mountain

Ever since I saw the music video for TV On The Radio's single "Wolf Like Me" I haven't been able to stop thinking about the preeminent masterpiece we all know as Teen Wolf. I cannot focus on anything except the sheer enjoyment I get from Michael J. Fox's impassioned characterization of a teenage boy trapped in a werewolf's body. Wow, just thinking about all of this right now is giving me the jitters.

I'm sure right now that YOU, the regular and attractive TMT reader, are wondering, "How the hee-haw is this horrible writer going to connect the brilliant film Teen Wolf with the innovative TV On The Radio??" Well, reader, you better go get a mop and bucket, because I am about to blow your mind out the back of your skull.

1. TV On The Radio unveiled their first self-released album OK Calculator in 2002. Michael J. Fox had an interview about his battle with Parkinson's disease on NPR in April of 2002. I'm guessing that TVOTR, along with Michael J. Fox, disliked diseases in 2002, which makes them all "blood brothers." And Michael J. Fox became Tunde Adebimpe's guardian angel fo' life.
2. When TVOTR's album Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes was released on March 9, 2004 on Touch & Go Records, I am going to go ahead and assume that on that same exact day somebody, somewhere was watching or at least owned Teen Wolf.
3. Recently, the Greek mythical manifestation that is Tiny Mix Tapes named TVOTR's Return to Cookie Mountain the third best album of 2006. I am also going to go out on a limb and say that many TMT writers and readers enjoyed the short-lived Arrested Development. Justin Bateman was the star of Arrested Development, as well as a multi-thrillion dollar epic, aptly-titled Teen Wolf Too. Coincidence?
4. Teen Wolf Too was fucking awesome. Consider your mind blown.

In closing, I advocate seeing TVOTR on one of their many U.S. tourdates. Forget what all the playa haters may have said about their live shows, because I know for a fact that just staring at and finding objects in Kip Malone's beard is as fun as those hidden-picture activities in Highlights.

Now I present you with a long list of tourdates with intermissions featuring Teen Wolf Too taglines. Enjoy.

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