Twitter Tussle! Brian Eno and Former Boss Alan McGee Fight Through Twitter

We love Twitter because bite-sized conversations are the future. Fuck depth, fuck substance, and -- most of all -- fuck Alan McGee (Alan McWho?). The former Oasis manager and one-time boss of Brian Eno is using the social networking site to pick a fight with old-man Eno. See the following:

@Brian_Eno put on any record you have ever produced brian if you want people to sleep.was it your idea to dress up coldplay as the beatles

@Brian_Eno morning brian wondered when you would wake up when are you going to make a decent record again it was 1972 was the last one cunt

@Brian_Eno or should i say obnoxious cunt

@Brian_Eno what boring shit are you going to produce next brian old bean?

@Brian_Eno i would have stuck to the art installations more chance of having a decent conversation with a bulb than coldplay or dido/bland

So far, Eno only had this to say:

@alanjmcgee Fuck off, wanker

Maybe Twitter's not so bad after all. Actually, don't we have a Twitter too?

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