Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck Eastwesttour AMERICA!

Composed of the duo of Shane Broderick and Ted Sweeney, Boston grindcore extremists, Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck are going to pillage the West Coast this October and rub another load out onto the face of the East Coast soon after. I've never been good at categorizing music, especially when it goes beyond a seemingly basic level, but I've heard of a genre called "Pornogrind," and this seems to be the closest I can get to describe the devastation that is Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck. They are bringing their split cassette with Texas Hatemongers Intestinal Disgorge along with them in a limited run of 50 copies.

If you like boners, recycled pornography, dicks, being assaulted at concerts, wangs, getting dildos shoved in your face, dongs, or music, you're likely to be at least amused, if not trampled at any of these shows. Known for their extreme shock value, primarily in the area of sex and sexuality, Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck are really just two guys with big hard-ons who want to share their love with the world. They have been nominated for "Best-Worst Band Name" by The Onion's A.V. Club and will most likely win by a fairly large margin. They have also been known to perform miracles at their concerts. Such as, but not limited to: curing insomnia, destroying capitalism, spreading venereal diseases, and even masturbating with no hands. (Try that one at home, kids!) They have a few releases out and most are still available. Don't worry; they come in closed packages, and you'll be billed for "Sloppy Seconds Steamin' Semen" instead.

Get them before they go mainstream:

West Coast!:

10.21.06 – Olympia, WA – Le Voyeur $
10.22.06 – Seattle, WA – Funhouse !
10.23.06 – Portland, OR – Tube $
10.24.06 – Salem, OR – Jasper's @
10.25.06 – Oakland, CA – 21Grand #
10.26.06 – Los Angeles, CA – Il Corral %
10.27.06 – Los Angeles, CA – The Smell ^
10.28.06 – Riverside, CA – Parkview ~

East Coast!:

11.12.06 – Allson, MA – Butcher Shop *
11.13.06 – Portsmouth, NH – TBA []
11.14.06 – Providence, RI – Redrum ()
11.15.06 – New Haven, CT – Fort Sunshine *
11.16.06 – Western Mass, MA – TBA []

$ w/ Occasional Detroit and Behalf
! w/ Occasional Detroit, Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Behalf, and Dead Black Wolf
@ w/ Occasional Detroit, Dead Wolf Black, and Behalf
# w/ Occasional Detroit, Dead Wolf Black, and Sexual Tourist
% w/ Occasional Detroit, Gang Wizard, Tik///Tik, Dead Wolf Black, Behalf, and more
^ w/ Captain Ahab, Occasional Detroit, Faux For Real, Behalf, and more
~ w/ Occasional Detroit, Behalf, IveBeenShot, and more
* w/ Cock E.S.P. and Suffering Bastard
[] w/ Cock E.S.P.
() w/ Cock E.S.P., Suffering Bastard, and The Fuzz

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