Ty Dolla $ign confirms release date and album art for Free TC, shares track with Fetty Wap

Ty Dolla $ign confirms release date and album art for Free TC, shares track with Fetty Wap

Hip hopper Ty Dolla $ign has “gone and done a thing.” If you’ve a mind for it, I imagine you can figure out for yourself just what that thing is, but you’re going to have to do it quickly, because I’m going to tell you right after this colon: he has announced a release date for his upcoming debut full-length Free TC (so named for Dolla $ign’s jailed younger brother, Big TC). As many hip hoppers who find themselves to be both hot and new do, Mr. Shift+4 took to Instagram to make the announcement, posting the album’s artwork with the caption “NOVEMBER 13.”

In a previous Instagram post, he had promoted the fact that the album would be available for pre-order on iTunes as of September 11, but with this set release date in mind, the whole endeavor is starting to feel way more hot, new, and, most of all, real. The realness, of course, is paramount, because, as is the custom, Sir Money Symbol Replacing an “S” has been talking about putting the thing out since at least last fall. No specific details on the record label for the album, but Wikipedia lists Atlantic, Taylor Gang, and Pu$haz Ink, so we’ll go with them.

Check out the album’s first single “When I See Ya,” which features an assist by Fetty Wap.

• Ty Dolla $ign: http://www.dollasignworld.com
• Atlantic: http://www.atlanticrecords.com
• Taylor Gang: http://www.taylorgang.com
• Pu$haz Ink: https://twitter.com/teampushazink

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