Tyondai Braxton releases Oranged Out EP; proceeds go to Everytown for Gun Safety

Tyondai Braxton releases Oranged Out EP; proceeds go to Everytown for Gun Safety

Maybe you’re familiar with Tyondai Braxton’s HIVE1 release from last year, or maybe you had the chance to attend one of the preceding and associated HIVE performances that premiered at New York’s Guggenheim Museum back in 2013. We’re thankful for the musicians involved in the latter, because when else do artists willingly brave the risk of debilitating leg cramps at least partially for our own entertainment? Obviously it was Braxton’s idea (facilitated by Danish architect Uffe Surland Van Tams) to have everyone sit cross-legged on those potentially abducting pods, and the infused light show was seemingly a great complement to the minimal composition realized.

And good thing Braxton had some extra tracks “originally conceived” for HIVE, because without those, we wouldn’t have Braxton’s new Oranged Out EP, which is out now via his Bandcamp. Inspiration for the release seems to have come from the recent tragedy in Orlando, and as such, whatever you choose to pay will go directly to the gun control organization Everytown for Gun Safety.

Here’s what the release page says about the organization, before a relevant video:

Everytown are raising awareness about gun violence and advocating for sensible gun safety measures in the wake of the Orlando shooting, Newtown / Sandy Hook, and Aurora - as well as the daily gun deaths that we’ve grown so accustomed to that it’s not even news worthy anymore.

Oranged Out tracklisting:

01. Oranged Out
02. Hooper Delay
03. Fifesine
04. Phono Pastoral
05. Greencrop

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