U.K. Rapper Jeshi releases new mixtape, The World’s Spinning Too Fast, even though the world is spinning at a perfectly reasonable speed

U.K. Rapper Jeshi releases new mixtape, The World's Spinning Too Fast, even though the world is spinning at a perfectly reasonable speed

Fans of the U.K. artist Jeshi will be happy know that the alternative rapper has spent this past year quietly perfecting his just-released new mixtape, The World’s Spinning Too Fast.

A little while back, Jeshi shared the tape’s lead single, “Paranoid,” produced by one of the busiest figures in electronic music this year, Mura Masa. The single is aptly titled, I must assume, as I would also be paranoid if I believed the rotation of the Earth had begun to accelerate out of nowhere.

But in an era where the news makes it hard to distinguish the real facts from the alternative, I must value accuracy and verification over all else as a journalist! That’s why I am obligated to clarify that the world is actually not spinning too fast, as Jeshi has erroneously tried to make his listeners believe.

According to NASA, the Earth must travel close to 1,000 miles per hour (that’s 1,600 kilometers if you’re reading this Jeshi) in order to make one full rotation in 24 hours. If that pace were to speed up by even 1 mph, it would interrupt all satellite communications on Earth, and anything faster than that would have a noticeable effect on our center of gravity, rainfall patterns, and the length of a day. So, nice try, Jeshi. Thought that would just go over my head, didn’t you?!

It might be time for Jeshi to give up his ambitions in astronomy and aeronautics and stick to his style of abstract, alternative rap, which he has much more of a talent for. For those who agree, be sure to check out Jeshi’s new mixtape in full down below and/or buy the thing over here.

The World’s Spinning Too Fast tracklisting:

01. Paranoid
02. Let Me Off Here, The World’s Spinning Too Fast
03. RUSH
04. Testarossa
05. Speedboats
06. Daydream
07. Dusty
08. Wedding Gown

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