Ultimate Painting were TOTES GONNA announce a new album & share the first single…but then they announced they’re BREAKING-UP FOREVER instead?!?

Ultimate Painting were TOTES GONNA announce a new album & share the first single...but then they announced they're BREAKING-UP FOREVER instead?!?
Photo: James Sharp

So, here’s a WEIRD ONE for you:

A few weeks back, after a long and arduous journey that saw them scrapping one set of sessions and starting from scratch, London duo Ultimate Painting announced that their fourth album, Up!, was complete and scheduled for release April 6 on Bella Union (hell, you can still listen to its first single, “Not Gonna Burn Myself Anymore,” below and pre-order the damn album here!)

BUT THEN: literally THIS MORNING, the band released a “statement” (by which I mean a screenshot of a goddamn note on the iPhone Notes app) that explained that they are “very sad to announce that Ultimate Painting are no longer a band.”

Yeah. For real (seemingly). And not only that, but also: “Obviously if there’s no band, then it’s understandably not really in Bella Union’s interests to put out the previously announced album, therefore I’ve asked them not to release ‘Up!’ at this point in time, which they have agreed to. Thanks to everyone who bought our records and supported us. You know who you are.”

Soooo…maybe forget everything we were going to say about a new Ultimate Painting album and single???

Like: HUH??! Here’s the full tweet, followed by a whole bunch of now-seemingly-totally-irreverent fucking info. Uh, enjoy, I guess? Sorry everyone!

Up! Tracklisting:

01. Needles In My Eyes
02. Not Gonna Burn Myself Anymore
03. I Am Your Gun
04. Foul & Fair
05. Someone’s Out To Get You
06. Take Shelter
07. My Procedure
08. Lying In Charles Street
09. The Darkness In His Eyes
10. Snake Pass

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