Umberto releasing new album Alienation on Not Not Fun

Umberto releasing new album Alienation on Not Not Fun

Time and time again, Not Not Fun has proven those two nots to be unnecessary, as the label seems to love giving us fresh, cool jams from artists like Umberto, a.k.a. dark electronic wizard Matt Hill. And now, after a recent collaboration with Death Waltz, Umberto is channeling his pain once again into a wide range of beats and synth work for NNF.

The album is called Alienation, and it’s out June 3. Here’s how Umberto described the album’s origin: “I had a vision of a man experiencing a series of alienating situations.”

Expect a stalker vibe straight out of an 80s horror film, as seen in the video for “Drifters” here:

Alienation tracklist:

01. Alienation
02. Drifters
03. Elimination
04. Black Sea
05. White Night
06. Dawn Of Mirrors
07. Awakenings
08. Lost Night
09. Passage

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