Unwed Sailor Prep LP 5, Tour Relentlessly (Okay, Not Really Relentlessly)

Seattle, WA quartet Unwed Sailor have finished recording their fifth LP, Little Wars, which contains songs they've been rocking effortlessly on tour all year. The LP is set for a March 18 release and will feature all four members of the band, as well as Phillip Blackwell of Questions In Dialect and band pals Matt Depper, Matt Putman and Nic Tse.

The LP was apparently constructed around and in honor of lead single "Copper Islands," which you can listen to repeatedly at your little heart's content at Unwed Sailor's MySpace. The band describes the new LP as, "energetic and highly melodic, but gently colored and focused by layered keyboards and percussion with a delicate ambiance," which makes it sound more like the music you'd hear pushing your cart through Whole Foods, but we'll give them the benefit of the doubt.

Little Wars' March release forces the band to make an early attempt at recouping a portion of the money spent recording. How? By touring un-relentlessly beginning November 30 in the Windy City.

The Return To Open Arms:

* This Will Destroy You

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