[UPDATED] My Life in the Bush of Whoa! David Byrne and Brian Eno Confirm First Set of Autumn Tourdates; Byrne to Self-Release New Album with Eno!

UPDATE: Despite reports, including ours, Billboard has posted an update to the original story that leaked word of a possible Byrne/Eno tour. According to Byrne's publicist, turns out Brian Eno will not be joining him onstage for these shows, which means Roxy Music songs surely won't be performed live either. Boo! You can read the rest of the details here.

After a 30-year hiatus, the tall, suit-sporting, Oscar-winning Talking Head David Byrne is joining forces yet again with that Roxy Music-quitting, Windows 95-sound-composing baldy Brian Eno. After months of speculation on whether or not the two brothers in strange would reconvene for a 2008 tour, the duo have at last reported three dates for the fall, according to Billboard.

The trio of dates are billed as “The Songs of Talking Heads' David Byrne and Roxy Music founder Brian Eno." This basically guarantees a glut of material from Talking Heads’ glory days (during which Eno was an integral producer of several albums and co-songwriter on the Heads’ classic Remain in Light) and songs from Eno's two-album stint in Roxy Music. Additionally, Byrne and Eno can choose music from their first collaboration, 1981's seminal My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, as well as songs from their slated-for-late-’08 second collaboration, an as-yet untitled album that Byrne has described as “electric gospel” (TMT News). Don’t worry, David; that’s all we needed to hear. Billboard reports that the album will be self-released by Byrne.

Although the cities and dates have been named, the venues, alas, have not. But don’t worry, David and Brian aren’t going to be playing at the Reginald Bullionhauser Hall of Old Money or anything too bank-breaking like that. The most expensive seats for the Atlanta show are listed at $48.50, while the priciest Santa Barbara seats are $65. Sheesh, I’ve already given David Byrne that much cash when I bought Stop Making Sense on CD, vinyl, and DVD. Whoa, let me leave you with this image: remember how much you love Stop Making Sense? Well, picture that, with Brian fucking Eno.

Yeah, I’m excited.

The Great Curve:
09.20.08 – Atlanta, GA
09.26.08 – Austin, TX – Austin City Limits
10.04.08 – Santa Barbara, CA

Photo: [Hugh Brown]

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