Valerio Tricoli competes for spot on Hell’s playlist, announces Clonic Earth on PAN

Valerio Tricoli competes for spot on Hell's playlist, announces Clonic Earth on PAN
Photo: Traianos Pakioufakis

Now there’s a muttering we can get behind, because the rest of us rational folk are tired of watching less rational people speak in tongues on YouTube for our own entertainment, and muttering otherwise could be an example of disapproving passive-aggressive behavior. TMT therefore recommends a somewhat dark foray into the music of Valerio Tricoli, whose newest album Clonic Earth is filled with all sorts of indiscernible human utterances and expressions. The album’s out this Friday, June 24, on PAN.

Tricoli’s prior Miseri Lares was certainly one of the best albums of 2014, and even though this new one is recognizably a product of the Italian composer, there’s no denying a mild evolution partially brought about by the more extensive use of human voice. The “theme of fire as original matter” in something called the Chaldean Oracles, plus the later works of Philip K. Dick, were, according to a press release, the primary sources for “voice/text,” and they contribute to a general sense of internal terror externalized. At this point, Tricoli pulls off the overall abstraction as though it were second nature.

Here’s the opening track, “The Hallowed Receiver”:

Clonic Earth tracklisting:

01. The Hallowed Receiver
02. Stromkirche, Or Terminale
03. Interno D’Incendio
04. Clonic Earth
05. As For The Crack

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