The Veils collaborate with EL-P for new album, will be in Twin Peaks reboot

The Veils collaborate with EL-P for new album, will be in Twin Peaks reboot

London-based gloom merchants The Veils are shaping up to take their sound to the uninitiated in the second half of 2016.

Firstly, they have a new album due August 26 called Total Depravity, which was produced by the “only in your wildest dreams” production collaboration of Adam Greenspan (Nick Cave, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Arcade Fire) and El-P (Run the Jewels). In addition to featuring a sweet production crew, front man Finn Andrew also says of Total Depravity: “L. Ron Hubbard, Axolotls of course, kind natured crocodiles, a psychotic truck driver, The Pope and Ingrid Bergman all get a look in.”

Andrews will also be plying his trade in the upcoming Twin Peaks reboot, because let’s face it, The Veils and David Lynch were totally going to hook up one day.

The Veils will be announcing tour dates in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, check out lead single “Axolotl” here:

Total Depravity tracklist:

01. Axolotl
02. A Bit on the Side
03. Low Lays the Devil
04. King of Chrome
05. Swimming with the Crocodiles
06. Here Come the Dead
07. In the Blood
08. Iodine & Iron
09. House of Spirits
10. Do Your Bones Glow At Night?
11. In the Nightfall
12. Total Depravity

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