Vektroid reissues New Dreams Ltd. and Sacred Tapestry albums on vinyl via Aguirre Records

Vektroid reissues New Dreams Ltd. and Sacred Tapestry albums on vinyl via Aguirre Records

Vaporwave icon and master of nom de plumage Ramona Xavier — a.k.a. Vektroid, a.k.a. everything else — is giving two of her underexposed records a Second Life® with a little help from Aguirre Records.

Both Sleepline (released in 2016 under the name New Dreams Ltd.) and Shader Complete (originally released in 2012 as Shader under the Sacred Tapestry moniker) will arrive November 30 as limited edition vinyl reissues! Dang, now we have to call it “tangiblewave” or something.

Lo-fi plunderphonic opus Sleepline will be available on black vinyl (limited to 700 copies) and colored vinyl (300 copies). Shader Complete, characterized by its more ambitious and exploratory rendering of vaporwave aesthetics, will also arrive on black vinyl (700 copies) and colored vinyl (300 copies). Both LPs will come with download codes to fill those yawning chasms in your digital libraries, and each version will be available in a bundle with a corresponding t-shirt so you can rep those sweet neon hues and retro designs wherever you tread!

Pre-order Sleepline here and nab Shader Complete right…about…here. Additionally, check out the tracklistings below in case you need a refresher on what worldwide hit singles to expect (I <3 U, “Microsleep 2012”).

New Dreams Ltd. - Sleepline tracklisting:

A1. All Day / Mindprison
A2. Nakano #18
A3. Muku Grid
A4. Theatré Virtua
A5. Avalon Reverse
B1. Air
B2. Blue Earth
B3. Surrounded
B4. Sleepline (Sleepfear)
B5. Walled City
C1. Into the Light (Night)
C2. Nimbus Stage Select
C3. Rapefear
C4. Afterdawn
C5. No Stone
D1. Seed of Life / New Media
D2. Dig Dream
D3. Diskloader
D4. Oceanus
D5. Casino Virtua

Sacred Tapestry - Shader Complete tracklisting:

A1. Skyfall IV (Strike Suit)
A2. LDVHD Terminus
B2. Transmigration
B3. Cosmorama
C1. Spirited Child
C2. Hushedcasket
D1. ドリーミー
D2. Microsleep 2012

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