Velvet Underground Members Reunite for Appearance at the New York Public Library; Doug Yule Replaces John Cale Due to Excessive Late Fees

True to form, The Velvet Underground decided to get their reunion on way before any other so-called fringe band thought it was hip and cool and profitable. In 1992, the seminal group’s original lineup of Lou “Fussy Fanny” Reed, John “Artsy Fartsy” Cale, Sterling “Chuckle Butt” Morrison, and Maureen “What Up, Guys!” Tucker joined forces once again for a successful European tour, only to disband months later following (what else) creative differences between Reed and Cale. The Velvets reformed one more time in 1996 for their induction into this ugly ass structure, only this time they were sadly down one Sterling Morrison thanks to non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Although both reunions took place at different times for different reasons, one thing remained constant: poor old post-Cale bassist Doug Yule was not invited to join the group.

Yule remains a contentious figure in Velvets lore. Although he’s responsible for some of the band’s sweeter lead vocals and for his substantial contributions to the group’s subversively gentle late period, the man is also to blame for this horrible piece of shit and several other horrible pieces of shit released under the Velvet Underground name long after Reed and the others flew the coop. In a 1972 interview, Reed even went so far to say that he hoped Yule was dead.

But regardless of their past tussles, Yule will join Reed and Tucker (no Cale, unfortunately) on December 8 for an event at the New York Public Library. The former Velvets will talk with Rolling Stone institution David Fricke about the band’s work and legacy and, with Yule in tow, surely plenty of that juicy, juicy New York gossip all you flatlanders so very crave.

The affair is being held in anticipation of the new book The Velvet Underground: New York Art, a collection of never-before-seen photos and artwork of the Velvets from their prime. With any luck, Lou Reed will make Doug Yule cry at least once.

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