Vessel transmogrifies his sound once again, announces new album Queen of Golden Dogs

Vessel transmogrifies his sound once again, announces new album Queen of Golden Dogs
Photo: Christalla Fannon

Biological rebirth isn’t officially in the technological cards just yet for humanity, but in lieu everyone becoming their own veritable Jesus Christ with terminator arms, some people are satisfying their desire for renewal through more practical means.

Vessel — a.k.a. Sebastian Gainsborough — remarked in a 2015 interview about his impulse to “start again from square one” following an accomplishment, and the evidence was clear even before the Bristol-born musician announced his new album Queen of Golden Dogs, out on Tri Angle this November. His previous album Punish, Honey was a gritty and dissonant departure from the relatively straightforward danceableness of his debut; and, like a person who refuses the same seat due to the variability in butt cushioning out there, Gainsborough is taking things in a noticeably different direction with this new one, both for the sake of his own education and in order to push the boundaries of his capabilities. “What justice am I doing to my butt if I resign myself to the same worn-down computer chair every evening?”

Queen of Golden Dogs has a notable and previously nonexistent hint of chamber music to it. The album was conceived and recorded in isolation over an 18-month span in rural Wales, and it contains a couple of guest features: Vessel’s as-yet-unnamed “violinist lover” and singer Olivia Chaney, who we assume contributes vocals on a track or two. Listen to the track “Argo (For Maggie)” below to get a sense of how this classical infusion works with Vessel’s seemingly trademark habit of roughing the edges (the edges at least).

The album’s out digitally on November 9 and on limited edition vinyl November 23. Pre-order here.

Queen of Golden Dogs tracklisting:

01. Fantasma (For Jasmine)
02. Good Animal (For Hannah)
03. Argo (For Maggie)
04. Zahir (For Eleanor)
05. Arcanum (For Christalla)
06. Glory Glory (For Tippi)
07. Torno-me eles e nau-eu (For Remedios)
08. Paplu Love That Moves The Sun
09. Sand Tar Man Star (For Auriellia)

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