Vice Reissues Six Boredoms Albums; Somewhere, 154 Arms Are Really Sore

If your plans for July 7 (7/7/07) of this year include "getting high" and "being in New York City," you might want to consider attending a special performance by the legendary Japanese outfit Boredoms. Not feeling content with a mere reputation as one of the greatest live acts of our time, they have decided to one-up themselves with "77 DRUM": a Boredoms show featuring 77 drummers. The show will take place in NYC at a location that has not yet been disclosed.

Not since the recent announcement that Sofia Coppola will be directing a sequel to the 2002 classic Drumline have music lovers everywhere been so excited about a drumming performance. Titled "Drumline: Miami Beach," the movie will star Brad Garrett, and in honor of his sure-to-be monolithic performance in the upcoming film, Vice Records has decided to reissue six Boredoms albums in the first two months of this year: January 23 will see the release of Super Roots, Super Roots 3, and Super Roots 5, while Super Roots 6, Super Roots 7, and Super Roots 8 will be released on February 20.

Further details and interesting fun Boredoms tidbits can be found at the Vice website.

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