Village Person Given Suspended Sentence After Drugs Bust; Newswriter Attempts To Shoehorn “Go West” Joke Into Article; Fails

Dude! Fucking... DUDE! Get over here! Check this shit out! You know the dude from The Village People? Victor Willis? The black dude?

Yeah, he got busted, man. Ha! Can you imagine that! The police chief would be all like "arrest that dude from The Village People," and the police would be like "which one??," and he'd be like "The one that looks like a cop," and then shit would get all Benny Hill as they all try and arrest each other. Or maybe the chaps would give it away, I don't know.

But, yeah. Dude got arrested for drugs and weapon possession, proving that even if you've turned yourself into pretty much the go-to guy for lame humorists looking for a gay joke, it doesn't mean you can't party like a rockstar!

Willis was arrested back in March (NEWSFLASH TMT SCOOP MUST CREDIT TMT) but was given an eight-month suspended sentence this Wednesday. He also... Oh.

Er, he also has to attend a 30-day programme at the Betty Ford Center for treatment for, uh, drug addiction. Shit. This, er... This isn't very funny any more. Er, I feel kinda guilty now.

Willis released a statement in June, at the start of his trial, saying "The nightmare of drug abuse is being lifted from my life... Now that the haze of drugs are gone, I'm thinking and seeing clearer now than I have in years... I'm looking forward to living the second part of my life drug free."

Good for you, dude. Good for you. I'm, uh, going to go and sit somewhere quiet and think about what I've done.

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