W00dy to release new album “My Diary” next month

W00dy to release new album "My Diary" next month

A couple days ago, I found out that one of my favorite artists — the Pittsburgh-based, TMT-fave, absurdist-dancefloor-producer extraordinaire W00dy — has a new album coming out.

When I found out this news, I was at work, checking my email during a break, where a new message awaited, the subject line innocently hanging there for me to read: “W00dy releases next album My Diary 9/3.”

Memories of seeing W00dy performing live surged within me, flailing along to the deeply immersive, chaotic, cerebral, other-worldly, yet intensely personal energy offered by her breakneck-speed tracks.

W00dy’s compositions are more charred embers erupting from an intense blaze than soundwaves, but it’s not angry so much as emotive and, for lack of a better word, full.

Full of what, I don’t really know — but full, like a diary, either our own or someone else’s, one which charts the course of one’s past, containing memories forgotten, memories still held, and overflowing with something difficult to see, but there.

W00dy’s My Diary outlines her layered experience(s) with mental illness, and the ensuing struggle/acceptance associated therewith. Instead of words, she writes on the pages with a cryptic array of vocal samples and drum breaks, her tracks a whirlwind of start-stop lawlessness that are fully realized on the dancefloor, conduits for a physical release of the diaries we all carry within.

She invites us to read along September 3, when the album will be self-released online via her bandcamp and on cassette.

My Diary cover art

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