The Wake 7-inches to be reissued by Captured Tracks, deemed too derivative of Franz Ferdinand

The Wake 7-inches to be reissued by Captured Tracks, deemed too derivative of Franz Ferdinand

Hey now, Captured Tracks! It’s about damn time you hopped on that early-to-mid-80s UK post-punk gravy train. In fact, you might be a little late riding this particular reissue phenomenon to the bank. Come on, Teenage Codex Premonition got the reissue treatment, what, five years ago? I really thought that Orange Juice box was going to seal the lid on this stuff, but lo and behold, the big wigs over at CT had to squeeze their bit in. Yeah, well, whateva… hats off to ‘em anyway, cause word around town is that The Wake were one hell of a killer band in their time, being on Factory Records and such.

On April 16, in collaboration with this year’s Record Store Day, Captured Tracks will be re-releasing two super-scarce 7-inches from the Glasgow folks — the first being pre-Factory days On Our Honeymoon, which the band originally produced through Scan Records way back when (1982). The second is Crush the Flowers — the band’s first release for the now-defunct Sarah Records. Hold your britches, now, because not only is the label releasing these two oft-forgotten classics but they’re also throwing out a third 7-inch with two Captured Tracks artists doing their own fancy renditions of The Wake songs. Beach Fossils will take on “Plastic Flowers,” and Wild Nothing will do an updated “Gruesome Castle.” Captured Tracks has also let us know that if you purchase the 3x7-inch bundle from their web store, you get an über-trendy The Wake button. Hell, Walmart can’t even compete with the deals they’re throwing out!

Oh, and check out this fan video for The Wake track “On Our Honeymoon.” It’s cute.



On Our Honeymoon tracklist:

A. On Our Honeymoon
B. Give Up

Crush the Flowers tracklist:

A. Crush the Flowers
B. Carbrain

Gruesome Flowers: A Tribute to The Wake tracklist:

A. Beach Fossils: “Plastic Flowers”
B. Wild Nothing: “Gruesome Castle”

• The Wake:
• Captured Tracks:

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