Wake Up, Europe! The Hold Steady’s Coming And You’ve Got Drinkin’ To Do!

Yeah yeah, Europe. I know you think you know how to drink. Yep, I see your pubs, Britain. Uh-huh, nice vineyards, Paris. Oktoberfest? That’s cute, Munich. With all your hoity toity drinking traditions, I bet you think us Americans are just a bunch of Miller-swilling, Hee-Haw-watching amateurs. You don’t think we’re ready for the big leagues, do ya?

Well, let me introduce you to a band of our’s. They’re called The Hold Steady, and they grew up in cold-ass Minnesota drinking pints of whiskey and listening to Thin Lizzy. The Hold Steady look at a bar the same way a Viking looks at a monastery. But luckily for you, The Hold Steady wish you no harm. The Hold Steady want to be your friend. They want to party with you on their European tour, where they’ll be supporting their new album Stay Positive (TMT Review).

Their pond-jumping jaunt starts August 16 after a series of dates in the American South, so just remember this: When you keel over shortly after ordering your eighth lager, look over at your new buddy Craig Finn (he’ll be the one finishing his second handle of Old Crow) and just accept that you have been bested.


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