Walker Art Center in Minneapolis to host Resonance: A Sound Art Marathon, a free festival of interdisciplinary mind-bendings

Walker Art Center in Minneapolis to host Resonance: A Sound Art Marathon, a free festival of interdisciplinary mind-bendings
Craig Taborn (Photo: John Rogers)

We cover a fair amount of interdisciplinary artists here at TMT, but how often do we have the chance to cover the congregation of interdisciplinary artists in Minneapolis, of all places? Some say that the Walker Art Center is a natural draw, due to its virtual landmark status and decades-long dedication to an array of contemporary (not just fine) art; while others will be inclined the explain away the upcoming Resonance event as a natural consequence of that huge ass mall nearby. The artists scheduled to perform at Resonance will likely cite the former reason, and in the mean time, those darned coastal elites in New York and Los Angeles will be forced to grieve over the brief and temporary loss of their artistic hegemony. (Freakin’ coastal elites…just because you have powerful satellites and a hypnotic devil language that convinces press outlets to cater….)

Resonance: A Sound Art Marathon is a goddamn FREE event set to take place this Saturday, May 18, in the outdoor Cowles Pavilion of Walker Art Center. The event itself is being marketed as a throwback to (or possibly a continuation of) when the museum hosted the New Music America festival in 1980, and as such, the following artists are being tasked with “layering and interweaving” the visual and the aural all day long (beginning at noon): Tarek Atoui, Philip Blackburn, Jules Gimbrone, Walter Kitundu, Haroon Mirza, Matana Roberts, Christine Sun Kim, and Craig Taborn and Camille Normen.

I’m especially curious about Christine Sun Kim’s impending showcase of her language-based experiments, as well as Jules Gimbrone’s exploration of the sometimes fragile relationship between objects/surfaces and sound, but each artist is destined to put on a literal display buoyed by a base of innovation and unfamiliarity.

Check the trailer for Resonance below, and go here for more info.

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