Walton announces new album on Tectonic in July, featuring Riko Dan and Wen

Walton announces new album on Tectonic in July, featuring Riko Dan and Wen

Last time we checked in on Walton and Riko Dan, they were celebrating Tectonic’s 100th release. Now the duo is back with more bass blasts as Walton announces his second album, Black Lotus, out July 6 on Tectonic.

“The title came from the idea that I wanted it to be sweet and melodic in areas, but dark and grimey at the same time.” Walton says. “I never really listened to much Japanese and Chinese music before working on this, and that element originally came from listening to a lot of Sino grime stuff. It wasn’t until I was deep into the process of making the album that I started listening to loads of traditional stuff on YouTube for melodic ideas, which changed how it turned out.”

In other words, fans of Tectonic can look forward to more skull-throbbing goodness (the kind that soothes rather than agitates), filtered through Walton’s continuing infatuation with Eastern instruments and sounds. Plus, Riko Dan spits flames on “No Mercy,” with a second guest spot from Wen on “Vectors.”

The Mancunian producer first teased out this release with a pair of tracks, “Praying Mantis” and “Koto Riddim,” back in late 2017. Get another whiff of Black Lotus with the latest single “Erhu,” streaming below, and head on over to Tectonic to pre-order the whole package.

Black Lotus Tracklisting:

01. Black Lotus
02. Point Blank
03. Koto Riddim
04. No Mercy (feat. Riko Dan)
05. Mad Zapper
06. Angry Drummer
07. Pan
08. Erhu
09. Vectors (feat. Wen)
10. White Lotus

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