Warp reissues Flying Lotus albums on vinyl, just in case you’ve been hibernating for the past four years

Warp reissues Flying Lotus albums on vinyl, just in case you've been hibernating for the past four years

It’s worth offering another reminder: Flying Lotus’ new album Until the Quiet Comes is set for release this October — or, in the words of Fly Lo himself, “October, or some shit.” So, maybe it’s not worth offering another reminder, considering the equivocal way in which the album’s release date has been “announced.” Similarly, the album was initially expected to be released in June, and clearly that didn’t work out. What’ll happen if it’s postponed again? Are fans ready to angrily demand compensatory performances in their respective towns, free of charge, and in exchange for the amount of time they’ve had to wait for new material? Shall we have our brooms and pitchforks at the ready?

Warp must be sensing the anticipation, because they’ve just reissued on vinyl Flying Lotus’ two full-length albums, Los Angeles and Cosmogramma (TMT Review), as well as two EPs he’s released on the label, Reset and Pattern+Grid World. You can purchase the records individually or as a bundle, or you can stream everything for free here. That’s some real generosity on Warp’s part, and it’s almost enough to make me lay down my fighting broom. Unfortunately, she and I have grown extraordinarily close over these past few weeks. There, there Broomhilde, I’d never leave you…

• Flying Lotus: http://flying-lotus.com
• Warp: http://warp.net

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