Watch Ticketmaster/Live Nation Senate Hearing TODAY (Provided You Have a Computer and Pinstripe Suit)

Are you interested in following the path that our freshly restored nation chooses to follow? Do you believe major mergers like that between Ticketmaster and Live Nation (TMT News) affect us as consumers and concert attendees? Are you still pissed about your Bruce Springsteen ticket purchase ($350 per ticket or six male legs)? Do you find super managers and CEOs wringing out their neckerchiefs at a steady interval while being filmed strangely intimate?

Well, hurry up and click here because the parade and subsequent proceedings are streaming live today at 2:30 PM (EST), and Ticketmaster CEO Irving Azoff will not repeat his final joke. House hearings will follow on Thursday, and Friday is judicial recess for the i:Scintilla show.

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